2022 General Election: Students excited to be part of polls

First time voting, Luke Qerewaqa, 18, after casting his vote at Naimasimasi Village polling station in Serua on Wednesday, December 07, 2022. Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU

STUDENTS from Nuku Secondary School showed up at the Naimasimasi polling station in Serua to cast their votes when pre-polling was conducted there on Wednesday.

Of the 100 students, 20 were registered to vote.

Luke Qerewaqa was among those who came to vote on Wednesday morning after finding time in the middle of Year 13 external exams.

“This is my first time voting and I’m happy that I can participate in choosing the next government,” he said.

“I know that my vote will affect my opportunities for further studies after secondary school.

“Going to tertiary institutions is expensive, living life in the village is difficult and many times higher education is only a dream.

“I want to choose a government that can assist me, especially when I want to further my education.”

Qerewaqa said ever since pre-polling voting was announced, he had looked forward to casting his vote.

“We are having external exams this week.

Yesterday, when they told us we would be voting, we were so excited. My friends and I were just waiting for our teachers to call us to come and vote.”

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